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   STIDI EOOD was established in 2005 and its main activity is import and trade of goods for home. In the business philosophy of our company quality has always been a primary goal, so the products we offer always meet all standards. We are oriented towards customers and their needs, our goal is to exceed their expectations, to offer innovative solutions for home, forced by market needs.

     We are an official representative of Metaltex® (http://www.metaltex.com/) for Bulgaria. Metaltex® e Swiss company established in 1945, which began with the production of household products: filters, mixers, skimmers ... many small appliances for the kitchen and home. The company grew rapidly, by forming new subsidiaries in many European countries. Today Metaltex has 19 distribution centers from Europe to Asia, North and South America, which guarantee daily delivery of goods to customers in over 80 countries worldwide.